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Real Estate Pop By Gift Ideas

Updated: May 18, 2023

Did you know that buyers and sellers are far more likely to find an agents through friends, neighbors and family than any other one way? Referrals are an essential part of your business!

One way to keep in touch with past customers and potential new ones is with pop by gifts. Just call your customer ahead of time and let them know you'll be stopping by with a small gift. Keep your visit short and sweet.

Here are some ideas on what to use as a pop by gift. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often as I will be adding quite a list of ideas for real estate agents and other small businesses too!

Life would be sticky without a good Real Estate Agent! Use the gift tag on the jar of honey or add a loaf of fresh bakery bread and add tag to a simple gift bag. For additional networking work out a deal with a local honey producer and use their products as gifts.

Your referrals help my business bloom. Thank You! Add one of these floral tags to a small potted flowering plant or a bouquet of flowers.

These follow up cards are designed to be used with a small gift as a follow up for customers or contacts (other agents!) who have stopped at your open house. Use with a bag of candy, a box of donuts or even a potted plant.


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