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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Coming up with creative ideas for Valentine's Day gifts is not always easy. Here are some ideas to help get you get started!

💗 Favor bag filled with trail mix, nuts or popcorn

💗 Mason jar with a few care items like chap stick, bubble bath

💗 Six pack of a favorite craft beer or favorite wine

💗 Heart shaped cut out cookies

💗 Bubble bath or bath bombs

💗 Sampler pack of hot sauces (to keep things spicy!)

💗 Small Lego set

💗 Cozy blanket for snuggling

💗 Set of teas or hot chocolate

💗 Small potted plant or succulent

💗 For men a jar or gift bag with items such as beard balm and cologne samples

💗 A card game that can be played as a group or as a couple

💗 Leave sticky notes with heart felt messages around the house, car or lunchbox

💗 And of course, last but NOT least - CHOCOLATE! :)

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